Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Clap Your Hands Say Fuck Yeah!

An uncomfortably crowded HiFi Bar last night, coupled with a really bad mix (someone shoot the sound engineer!) and being v.tired after work and my first session in the gym with a personal trainer (please don't laugh; it's a work-thing contra deal arrangement and it's only once a week, ok?) could not stop me enjoying myself at Clap Your Hands Say Yeah! last night.

They was good. Ebullient even. By the time they played 'By The Skin of My Yellow Country Teeth' I would have danced, had I not been hemmed in by several very cute boys in the crowd, and the afore-mentioned tiredness and etc. I was also, truth be told, slightly drunk after two absinthes and then a glass of bubbles at the HiFi.

I would have preferred to see them later in the week at a better venue though...


Unknown said...

i have to say i've always been a bit 'Fold Your Arms, Say Meh' about thi band.

richardwatts said...

I can understand that Dave - the vocals, for instance, are certainly an acquired taste.